Are You One of the 47 Percent?

Reacting to Mitt Romney's perception of the 47-percent of voters he has given up on.

As some may have noticed, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has been drawing attention to himself lately with his 47-percent speech. The speech was given at a private fundraising event on May 17th in front of a small crowd, and recent videos of the speech have spread over the internet. (See Video Attached)

Now, when I initially heard the words spoken in this speech, I had an immediate urge to expose the words spoken as divisive and pig-headed. Then I held back upon coming to the conclusion that if I add more attention (as if it hasn't gotten enough already), then my actions would simply contradict what I can't stand about the speech itself.

For some reason, whether it be hearing about this speech over and over again through media outlets and social media or whatnot, the main premise of these words still stir unrest in my mind. And well...resistance became futile.

How in the world can someone assume that because one votes a certain way, and is consistent in their resolve, they are one of a group of "victims" who either pay no taxes or are completely dependent on government to survive? How can a man that is running for President of the United States of America belittle the masses, and actually believe in his chances of gaining the trust of the majority of voters in November?

I could spend time citing the facts in relation to Romney's comments, and break down the lack of truth in this argument but that has been done by countless fact checkers and news outlets this week. I could go on the attack and point out flaws in Romney's own tax record, or unpatriotic methods of tax evasion, but once again, it has been done.

Instead I'll express my disdain by waking up early, and dragging my entitlement earning, government dependent, tax-paying behind to polls on Nov. 6 before heading to my nonunion, corporate-funded, private sector job and place my vote for someone that doesn't lump me into the 47 percent of Americans that he can't seem to find a way to relate to.

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Maria Giannuzzi September 25, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Charity: 1. generosity toward the poor. 2. alms or aid. 3. a charitable fund or institution. 4. benevolent feeling. 5. leniency or forbearance. 6. Christian love.
Maria Giannuzzi September 25, 2012 at 08:45 PM
You should also have gotten MAC's comment in an email as well. You don't need to get annoyed. Just delete the emails. You should also be able to remove yourself from email notifications for that particular blog or article. I'm the one who should be annoyed having to decipher comments containing really bad writing and misspellings and such. There are worse things than being passionate about what you believe. And my comments do not prevent others from commenting, so everyone has an opportunity to get on Patch. But I do think you have a point. It is late in the day.
Bill September 25, 2012 at 09:39 PM
So your saying, giving to the church, that then uses to money to do charitable things (feed clothe poor) doesn't count?
MAC September 25, 2012 at 10:12 PM
Note that none of these definitions define your Marxist views as "charitable." Maria is fond of once in awhile referring to Jesus Christ, as if that makes her a believer, and implying that He would support the government's confiscation of the fruits of others' labor to "redistribute" according to the self-serving goals (usually re-election to their cushy political careers). Never did Jesus support such theft. Rather, He said, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God that which is God's." The earnings, stock dividends, capital gains, etc. earned by Romney, Spiff, myself or anyone else do NOT 'belong' to the government, Maria! Btw, you are "hostile" and envious of those who have worked hard and succeeded financially. You like to style yourself as "progressive," because it sounds so much nicer, but your views advocating bigger government and less freedom truly are "Marxist." P.S. none of yours or Obama's attempts to distract from his FAILURES work!
Walton Burns September 25, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Besides income tax, personally, I pay property taxes, vehicle taxes, payroll taxes and sales taxes as well as government fees for various services. So even if I wasn't paying income tax, I think I'd be doing my share and hardly living off the system. On top of that, let's not forget that retirees and people who don't work don't pay income tax because they don't have...wait for it...income. And people who are too poor to pay income tax, still pay payroll tax. That means contributions to Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, whether they use those programs or not. Finally, if you want to stop living off the system entirely, start demanding parking meters and toll roads in every town in the country. Shut down the public schools. Pay the police and fire department a salary out of your own pocket. Dig your own pipes to the plumbing system. Build your own electric wires to get electricity. Don't go to any kind of publicly funded event ever. Everyone lives off the system to some extent.


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