Bugbee Breaks Crayons for Cancer

Students are involved in a service project ideal for elementary school age kids.

Some parents get upset when their kids immediately break their crayons. The severed pieces often get discarded – too small for little hands to hold.

At , students have been collecting all of those unwanted crayon pieces, and using them to raise money for a great cause – Crayons for Cancer.

"We try to do a lot of community service projects that directly involve the kids," said Bugbee parent Meredith Crowther, the parent of a 2nd grader. Crowther said that another Bugbee parent had heard about Crayons for Cancer, and it seemed like a great opportunity that the kids could get involved with.

Bugbee students started off the project with a two-week crayon drive, where all students brought in old, broken crayons. One student even approached Max Burger and received a donation of their leftover crayons.

On Wednesday, 115 Bugbee students, from kindergarten through 5th grade, gave up their recess time to peel, break, and sort the crayons by color. Crayons for Cancer will then melt them down, mold them into various shapes, and sell the resulting crayon creations for $1 each.

Proceeds are donated to families in need, and support the oncology units at children's hospitals such as Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

"This is a huge help to them," said Crowther. The creations will also be sold in the Bugbee school store.

More details about Crayons for Cancer can be found on the organization's website.


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