Conard School Senior Athletic Award Winners

Scholarships and other honors awarded to senior athletes.

Conard High School recently held an assembly to honor seniors for their contributions to school athletics. Several special scholarships were also awarded. The following information has been received fom the athletic office.

Dale Harper Award: 

“A student-athlete in the senior class who exemplifies the highest standards of sportsmanship both on the field and in the classroom.”

Reid Gustafson

Jonathan Esposito

Bridget Manning

Army ROTC Scholar-Athlete Award:

“A student-athlete in the senior class who has demonstrated excellence in academics and athletics.”

Matthew Metzler

Katie Warren

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award:

“A student-athlete in the senior class who has demonstrated exemplary citizenship, is a role model for younger students, and best exhibits the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence, and leadership while performing as a varsity athlete.”

Robert Hinds

Dana Hadra

Lance Corporal Lawrence R. Philippon Memorial Award: 

"To a female and male senior athlete who shows genuine respect for others, demonstrates dedication to their team, and shows respect for the flag, for the Pledge of Allegiance, and to those who served our country." 

Katie Warren

Jeremy Claflin

Maggie Kycia

Kyle Weber

Luke Powers

Norm Johnson Award:

"To the student who assisted the coach in the many daily tasks of coaching a team."

Spencer Thomas

Nicole Silva

Elizabeth Casper

Tori Hackett

Justine Clark Award:

"To the young lady whose sensitivity to others and willingness to sacrifice for the team exemplify her total dedication to her team and Conard's Athletic Program."

Deena Abels

Jessica Retrum

Title IX Award:

"To a female student-athlete who possesses outstanding skills and ability, and who demonstrates the highest standards of sportsmanship, cooperation, and leadership in her commitment to Conard sports."

Aubrey Waggoner

Caelese Brown

Pride Award:

"To the student-athletes who have exemplified themselves as students, spectators, and citizens in the Conard tradition."

Luke Powers

Kyle Weber

Jackie Carter

Brandon Harris

Abby Pelletier

Ellie Schwab

Sarah Markese

Adam Bender

Scott Cabell

Carolina Gustafson

Dainius Lancinskas

MaryKate Daly

Coach Frank D'Annolfo Athletic Award:

"To a multiple sport male student-athlete who exemplifies the essence of teamwork and good sportsmanship through: his unselfish contributions to his team, his dedication, perseverence, positive attitude, patience, and work ethic, and ultimately reflects the spirit and pride of Conard Athletics."

Jeremy Claflin

Chuck Landroche Award:

"To a female and male senior athlete who demonstrate the qualities of respect, commitment, team spirit, leadership, and outstanding achievement."

Kevin Fisher

Keith Gagnon

Sarah Vossler

James Spignesi Scholarship Award:

"To a student-athlete who demonstrates the qualities of commitment and dedication as a leader and team player in the sport of boys lacrosse."

Robert Hinds

William J. Schickler, III Award:

"To a male junior or senior ice hockey player who possesses a zest for life, demonstrates outstanding leadership skills and commitment to the game and valuees the contributions of his teammates. The student should also demonstrate academic initiative and conribute to the school and/or community."

Michael Schaffmann


Seniors who have played the same sports for all four years of their high school career.

Deena Abels - Soccer and Tennis

Audrey Akin - Swimming and Diving and Lacrosse

Adam Bender - Wrestling and Tennis

Caelese Brown - Basketball and Softball

Jaclyn Carter - Soccer and Softball

Jerrin Cherian - Football and Lacrosse

Jeremy Claflin - Football and Baseball

MaryKate Daly - Swimming and Diving and Lacrosse

Erin Dorsey - Field Hockey and Golf

Jessica Dufault - Volleyball and Softball

Kevin Duque - Football and Lacrosse

Jonathan Esposito - Football and Baseball

Kevin Fisher - Football and Lacrosse

Reid Gustafson - Football and Baseball

Dana Hadra - Swimming and Diving and Gymnastics

Patrick Higgins - Football and Baseball

Robert Hinds - Football and Lacrosse

Matthew Hoisl - Football and Indoor Track and Field

Kelsey Hopper - Field Hockey and Golf

Casey Jamin - Football and Lacrosse

Bridget Manning - Field Hockey and Softball

Sarah Markese - Basketball and Lacrosse

Olethea Ouellette - Swimming and Diving and Lacrosse

Abbey Pelletier - Swimming and Diving and Lacrosse

Luke Piscitelli - Cross Country and Swimming and Diving

Luke Powers - Soccer and Golf

Jessica Retrum - Soccer and Outdoor Track and Field

Morgan Robinson - Soccer and Outdoor Track and Field

Eleanor Schwab - Gymnastics and Lacrosse

Sarah Vossler - Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field

Kathryn Warren - Swimming and Diving and Lacrosse

Kyle Weber - Ice Hockey and Lacrosse

Ryan Wilkinson - Football and Swimming and Diving


A senior who has played the same three sports for all four years of their high school career.

Carolina Gustafson - Swimming and Diving, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field

Luke Perron - Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field


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