'Fifty Nifty' Marks 25th Anniversary at Webster Hill

This West Hartford Elementary School continues its special Flag Day tradition that began in 1987.

Fifty Nifty is celebrating its 25th Anniversary!

It all began 25 years ago in 1987 when first grade teacher Jill Nova taught her students the amazing song Fifty Nifty United States.

This year, the 2012 Flag Day Assembly marked its 25th Anniversary for this patriotic event. Imagine four classes of first grade children holding 50 banners, one for every state and waving them in a sea of silver stars!

Year after year, the first graders have the awesome task of learning the states in alphabetical order and singing them to this catchy tune at their Flag Day Assembly – even the parents learned the song!    

Upon retirement 13 years ago, Jill Nova handed the "Fifty Nifty Task" to first grade teacher Mrs. Donna Corcoran to keep the tradition going.

"ONE MORE TIME!" chants Mrs. Nova and Mrs. Corcoran as they turn to the audience together inviting EVERYONE, including former students and parents, to sing and wave banners from previous years in patriotic glory!

"ONE MORE TIME!" keeps the tradition going.

See you next year!


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