Manchester School Administrators Agree to New Two-Year Contract

The new contract is a two year agreement which gives administrators a 2.5 percent raise under the first year, and a 1.5 percent under the second.

The Board of Education voted unanimously at its latest meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 10, to accept a new two-year contract with the Manchester School Administrators Association. The contract will run July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015. 

Under the contract, administrators will receive a salary increase of 2.25 percent with no step advancement in the first year, and a 1.5 percent salary increase plus step advancement in year two.

Highlights of the contract include: an increase in work for kindergarten through sixth grade principals, who will see their work year increase from 210 days to 220 days, while the Bennet Academy principal will increase from 215 days to 220 days per year. The increase brings elementary school principals work year in line with the district's secondary school principals. The increased work year will allow the principals more time to prepare for the opening and closing of the school year, the school board said in a release announcing the new contract. 

The contract will also see a one percent increase in insurance premium costs during each year, and an increase in deductibles. 

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James Bond October 14, 2012 at 02:58 PM
2.25% salary increase, with a 1% increase in insurance premium and an increase in deductibles equals no pay increase at all.Next it will happen to teachers, who have been working with previous contracts that have had pay freezes on the steps that are suppose to lure teachers to wanting to work in Manchester.That's why so many good teachers are leaving,which never seems to be discussed by our BOE or any news organization.The new school climate plan needs to include paying the facuty at our schools.These people want to take away the first admendment from teachers too. The BOE is a climate killer not a climate helper.Watch for the mass exodus!
Dean October 14, 2012 at 04:01 PM
The mass exodus is already occurring. There are 30 new teachers at the high school this year. Most of the teachers at the high school and middle school are new and many are already considering leaving. Manchester has a habit of being tough on new teachers and then freezing their pay. I know people say this is the world we lived in, but many good teachers have left for magnet schools or more suburban schools and fared very well. Manchester needs to work on teacher retention or our wonderful new administrators will have very little to work with on long term goals.


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