Worried About Your Drinking? Gambling? Eating Disorders? Get Screened at Tunxis

Tunxis Community College offering free wellness screenings, resources to get help.

The community is invited to three wellness screenings at Tunxis Community College in Farmington. Free self-assessments, screeners, educational information, and community referrals for treatment and support will be available. Screenings will take place in the Administration Building corridor.

• National Eating Disorder Screening Day, February 28, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. & 5-6 p.m.:

A brief, anonymous self-assessment screening asks participants about their eating habits and body perceptions. According to The Renfrew Center Foundation for Eating Disorders, up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S. Early detection and prompt treatment can increase the chance of a quick and complete recovery. 

• National Problem Gambling Awareness Week, March 7, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and 5-6 p.m.:

Screenings to help identify possible gambling problems will be held March 7 in recognition of National Problem Gambling Awareness Week March 3-9. The screenings will provide information for those who are concerned they or a family member may need help.

April 11, 11 am.-1 p.m.:

National Alcohol Screening Day offers the public and students the opportunity to learn how alcohol could be affecting their life.  A brief, anonymous self-assessment screening asks participants about drinking habits and if their behaviors have changed as a result of drinking.

For more information, or in the event of inclement weather, please call 860.255.3548, or email vcraven@tunxis.edu. For information on Tunxis, visit tunxis.edu

Submitted by Tunxis Community College.


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