Wyvern Wins Region, Heads to National Competition

Kingswood Oxford's Wyvern is champion of Region 1 in USA Today's 'Most Unique High School Mascot' contest.

The victory bell could be heard tolling throughout West Hartford Wednesday afternoon after a staggering 1,590,384 votes garnered the Kingswood Oxford Wyvern the title of Most Unique High School Mascot in the region.

In the end the second place team, the Morse Shipbuilders from Bath, ME, were a few thousand behind the Wyverns with 1,583,037 votes.

Kingswood's victory was confirmed by USA Today, sponsor of the contest, Head of School Dennis Bisgaard said in a post on the K-O Wyvern Best Mascot Contest event page on Facebook.

"A BIG HIGH FIVE to everyone - WOW, this was CRAZY. Great, positive Wyvern spirit. Way to hang in there even when things looked gloomy," Bisgaard wrote.

"When we were down by 55,000 last night I had a tiny little Wyvern doubt, but then I did an all nighter, something I haven't done for a LONG, LONG time. Great to have some company along the way - but today was unbelievable," he wrote.

The , but crashes to USA Today's server resulted in an extension of voting through Wednesday afternoon. The Wyvern was slightly behind when the servers crashed, but an incredible show of support brought the victory home to West Hartford.

The six winners listed below will compete in the final, national round beginning Thursday, March 21, at 11 a.m. Voting will continue through 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27, when the National Champion will be decided.

Kingswood supporters have made note of the more than 5,000,000 votes cast in favor of the Centralia Orphans in the regional competition. According to USA Today's website: "the national winner will receive $2,000 for its athletic department. Second place will be awarded $1,000, third ($500), fourth ($250) and fifth ($100)."

"I had hoped for a day off, but hey ..." posted Bisgaard when he realized that everyone's fingers needed to remain busy voting for the Wyvern. To participate in the national round, click here.

Region 1: Kingswood Oxford Wyverns; West Hartford, CT; 1,590,384

Region 2: Carbon Dinos; Price, UT; 1,729,856

Region 3: Chinook Sugarbeeters; Chinook, MT; 2,767,229

Region 4: Centralia Orphans; Centralia, IL 5,440,844

Region 5: St. Mary's Episcopal School Turkeys; Memphis, TN 1,330,549

Region 6: Key Obezags; Annapolis, MD; 644,494


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