The Last Day of School is the Very Last Day for these Retiring Teachers

A total of 15 teachers and/or administrators will retire this week.

Wednesday is the last day of school for students, and after this week, the teachers begin their summer vacation as well.

Dr. Karen List, Superintendent for West Hartford Public Schools, reports that the following 15 teachers and adminstrators have announced that they will retire at the end of the 2011-2012 school year, many after decades of service to the district.

Kathleen LaBombard, (health)

Ellen Spratlin, (ESOL)

Ben Skaught, Sedgwick (principal)

Pat Drago, Ed Center (department supervisor, technology education)

Peter Letizia, Sedgwick (social studies)

Wendy Baker, (4th grade)

Kathleen Price, Sedgwick (AIMS)

Mayrita Trojanowski, (math)

Cynthia McLane, , Norfeldt (Quest)

Joyce St. Germaine, (art)

Susan Curnias, (physical education)

Marilynn Palmer, (2nd grade)

Linda Putterman, King Philip (Spanish)

Susan Lincoln, Norfeldt (TESOL)

Bill Altomare, Norfeldt (5th grade)


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