Christian Meagher
My love for journalism dates back to my junior year in high school. The teacher of my honors English class required all essays be at least five pages long. Being a puckish teen, I didn't pay any attention to the request and my first few essays were below quota. When the essays came back, they were full of complementary remarks, but were never graded above a B. When I asked my teacher about the grades, he replied that my essays were great, but not long enough to warrant a higher mark. I disputed his statement saying that I couldn't see why I should waste my time and his time if I could properly answer the question in less than five pages. "You have the mind of a journalist," he said and advised me to enroll in his journalism class for my senior year elective class. I took the class and was hooked.
I went on to be a member of the Northeastern News at Northeastern University in Boston, where I served as Editorial Page editor, News editor and Special Features editor. Northeastern's wonderful co-op program afforded me internships at the Boston Globe City Weekly Section and Editorial Page. I also worked nights part-time at the Globe's City Desk and at the City Desk and Sports Department for The Patriot Ledger, an afternoon newspaper in Quincy, MA. I came back to my hometown of Trumbull after college and worked as the editor for the Monroe Courier and Huntington Herald before becoming assistant sports editor for Hometown Publications. I am currently working in corporate communications and regularly write freelance sports articles. I live in Derby with my wife Lisa and daughter, Julianne. No matter where I go or what I do, I plan to be a journalist. A college professor once described journalists as "individuals who are dropped in a jungle of information armed only with the passion to learn and, hopefully, a pencil and some paper."
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