Steve Holton
Lifetime Resident of GRANBY, Connecticut
To start off, my parents bought the property on Day Street were I now reside with my wife Ruthie in the Spring of 1948. It was to this house that I came from my birth in a Springfield hospital.  I was in the last first grade class in the original Granby Memorial School building and the first second grade class at Wells Road Elementary School the year of the 1955 flood. I attended Granby Schools thru 8th grade when I left to attend Renbrook School. After marrying in 1972, we bought a home on FernHollow Drive in 1976 and remained there until moving back to Day Street in 2004. We raised two wonderful daughters both of whom graduated from GMHS with honors. Both are married, one couple living in the FernHollow house and the other missionaries currantly living in Aman, Jordan. While my wife is a fulltime volunteer at E.G.C.C. , I am retired from the electronics industry and spend my time playing at farming. Both of my parents were big time volunteers in Granby but I have never found my niche. One of my utmost beliefs is that one has a right to do with his property as he wishes as long as by doing so he does not impinge on the rights of others. I would like, here, to add a Big Shout-out to Mrs. Shirley Young and Mrs. Caroline Flint, my, 4th grade and 7th grade homeroom, teachers respectively, for being the most compassionate teachers in the Granby School System. Thankyou so very much - I Love You Both.
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